Red flags when dating or hooking up with a girl

Send her a bunch of presents before you know her
You can't buy a girl's love. You may buy her attention as a provider, but you have not created a real attraction. You need to believe you yourself are attractive enough to establish a romantic relationship with a woman or have a one night hookup together. May be you can count on some dating apps for free.

Maybe you think that showing your wealth or your appreciation to her will give you a better chance, but all you do is to shape yourself into a man who needs extra help to get a woman. You may be with a woman to find friends, but she will only be attracted to your financial situation. Many women also feel pressured or manipulated by a man who buys them. They feel that owing a man is a strategy and this is usually true.

If you want to buy a gift for a girl, first make sure she is into you. By that time, she already has feelings for you, you can express your gratitude to your girlfriend.

Express your feelings frankly, don't flirt or create attraction
If you are a good guy but are trapped in a circle of friends, this will happen. You are afraid to flirt with the girl you like, afraid to have physical contact with her, afraid to develop a relationship with her and afraid to admit that you just want a one night hookup.

Instead, you pretend to be an amazing friend. You believe that if you just stay for a while, you will build a romantic connection. While romance never happens, you will resort to a declaration of direct love.

You tell her that you like her and care about her. You promise that you will be better than any other man. You try to convince her that you are her perfect companion. What you miss is that attraction is a feeling that a woman must feel through your interesting, bold and sexual intent. Basically, flirting is something that excites girls.

Two things happen after you confess: the girl gently disappoints you, often saying, "I don't want to ruin our friendship." Or, less often, a girl agrees to try because she knows you are polite, and really care about her. After a few days or weeks, she realized that she still did not feel the sexual attraction, so she breaks up with you.

Surprisingly appear in her workplace or at home
Yes, it's fascinating in the movie, but it's terrible in real life, and really creepy. Many men do this to force women to go out with them. Then you put her in a position to talk to you even if it is not at their most convenience.

Women are also very serious about their work. You will only make her uncomfortable or angry. If you can't let a woman simply respond or accept to see you, it is always better to schedule an appointment outside of her work environment.