How to find someone on date and hookup apps?

5 months ago, I was still a newbie of a hookup app. For a very long time, we am against all forms of online dating from tinder to Xpal. I always believe I can just pick up a girl on the streets once we happen to meet in the same coffee shop or subway. However, the fact alters. When I was asked to manage a project about online dating, I think it’s time to download some hookup apps what people are all talking about. What I know next was that I was swiping left and right and happened to like a girl there. Very soon, I fell into the rabbit hole built by all sorts of dating and hookup apps.

I still think I am a dating and hookup apps amateur. But in the past few months, I learned some valuable experience through my own personal experience and my friends. I still dream of meeting my best half in real world, but you know, reality is not like fairytale.

However, that does not mean you cannot find someone suitable for you online. If you have enough courage to download a hookup app, here are some tips for you.

Find the app you want
Nowadays, there are so many dating and hook up apps vary from those infamous to the real serious ones such as Hookoo, tinder. The major difference among these dating and hookup apps is the way to talk to people. For some apps, only females can initiate the talk. Some only enable talk once you are matched with each other, while some don’t. Basically, there are many choices. SO all you need to do it find one that can echo with the way you used to date people.

How to choose the right photo?
No matter what app you use, every application requires users to use at least one photo of you in the profile. I think this might be the hardest decision to make. I suggest you to choose one that can describe your character, even better than your best selfie. I know it seems not easy, but as long as you take sometime to roll up and down your library, you can find some that can show your interest or some other things. Just prevent using one that only says “you are a human”. For example, you can choose one shows that you are hiking. The more you tell people the things you like, the more you can tell about yourself. Your image will be more liver and more confident.

Create a special profile
Write a self introduction is very important in online dating, especially this is the only way you can tell people about yourself besides from photos. I am proud of my humor, because for me, this might be my biggest advantage. DO not copy other’s profile. Create one your own.

Remember, there is no perfection. Instead of trying to use as many words to describe yourself and your opinions, I think it is more attractive to just keep it simple and mysterious. But I am definitely not saying you should just let it be blank. That is a terrible mistake. Just know the balance.