How to get rid of your hookup anxieties by taking actions?

Even as today, there are many people who still face serious hookup anxieties. They want one night hookup, while they are too scared to talk to women or act on them. Here are the things you should do to overcome hookup anxieties when you are on free dating apps.

The concept is to give yourself a temporary license so that you can be ridiculously enjoyed. Now you are far below the level you should achieve in terms of hookups. You have to go far and cross the line so that you can find the right middle ground and you should end there. Again, this is not permanent, but it is necessary for you to get through the storm. You are just here to find friends, don't worry.

Don't worry about your "results" now. Focus on the exercises below and solve the problems one by one. Record your experience every time you complete a campaign.

Write down your fear of this method, how you felt at the time, and how different the results are from what you expected. Every communication must be as specific and transparent as possible. Do not proceed to the next exercise until you complete the previous one. Of course, you can combine higher level exercises or escalate as things heat up.

All examples that require multiple attempts can be done on one or more women. I usually recommend experimenting with these methods for the first time or the first one night hookup. You can also try some suitable online dating on hookup apps, but it won't help you like face-to-face communication. Finally, these examples assume that you have often met with women. If you are not, start with my free guide.

Practice of overcoming sexual anxiety. Smiling and making eye contact with three beautiful women. Don't look away before them. This may make you feel "scarred," but do so until you feel comfortable. Talk to them. Start with a relaxed joke and then gradually develop into more difficult jokes. Or start with compliments, such as, "Your smile is beautiful", "Your eyes are really sexy", "Well, you smell so sweet now".

Touch the woman. If she accepts, you can continue to upgrade. Similarly, start with a simple touch, such as a high-five or a quick pat on the shoulder, and then more personal.

Excessive sexual behavior can be rejected or offended by women. Too much teasing or very daring sexual cues can result in repulsion. You will realize that this is much harder than you think and find what is acceptable.

Take the woman to the place you want to go. It can be a drink in your place, sit down, or take a breath of fresh air. It can also be to leave to another bar or go eat something.

There is no need to convince a girl to get her naked. She should be when she is willing to be close to you.