Hints that girls want you to move forward

Some people think that romantic opportunities are beyond our control. They are a combination of opportunity and the right time at the right place. This is reasonable. Sometimes luck plays an important role. But men who continue to succeed in dating and one night hookup hunting have an innate ability to make them different. They can identify subtle hints and continually create their own opportunities.

The vast majority of women will not take the initiative whether it is self-introduction, flirting conversation, or going to intimacy. They won't tell you that they are on these free dating apps for causal hookup. It is not difficult for women to do this. Yet, they are waiting for you to take the first move. I hope that more women will take the initiative. But this is the way for thousands of years, so you better learn to interpret the hints you get.

When women show their interest but don't get any return, they often feel rejected, depressed or stupid because they think they are making a fool of themselves of this tinder hookup. Here are three main ways women express their interests and how you can make the most of them.

Close contact and eye contact
Women use close invitations to indicate that they want to talk to you. At the bar, club or party, she will stand next to you. Especially when she stays for a long time or keeps watching you. Directly talk to her.

When she smiles at you across the room, you will have long or repeated eye contact. Go over and ask her name, or simply introduce yourself. If you want, you can make a joke. "You know it's rude to just stare at it without saying hello."

She jumped to your side and continued to dance around you. Dance with her.
She touched you by the way. When she walks by your side, you may put your hand on her shoulder or back. Follow her, put her hand on you shoulder and say hello to her.

When a girl asks you a question or just a comment, start talking to her and exchange phone numbers before she leaves.

Accept and reward flirting
Flirt with her both verbally and physically. If she responds or does not deny your pursuit, continue to behave more frivolously. Of course, when the girl flirts with you, you are very lucky. Grab the chance.

When you talk to her or make her laugh, she will touch your arm. Restore physical contact and work towards high-level contact.

She is close to your face, touching your face, or staring at your eyes for a long time. This is usually the signal that she is ready to be kissed. So do it.

She plays with your hair or combs your hair with her fingers. You can continue to touch her thigh intimately or pull her over and kiss.

She allows you to touch her in a more intimate place without taking your hands away. These include hands, hair, legs, back, face and waist. Definitely kiss her.